With a crust baked to a crisp and a tempting tender core. We at Žito have for more than half a century made sure that a smell of freshness and domesticity – of the best bread – wafts into our kitchens every morning. All products of our bakeries are made of carefully selected natural ingredients following the recipes of experienced culinary chefs and have been awarded numerous quality certificates.


When passion, love and quality are joined together in bakery products

zito2Popular Žito bread treats can be recognised by their temptingly wafting scent, rustic appearance and full flavour. Nowadays, the same as in the days of yore, we prepare delicious bread and bread pastry with the same amount of love, knowledge and by following the traditional recipes.

We pay special attention to top-quality production that can be observed at every step. We select the best quality flour with certified origin and prepare products following a prolonged production procedure using the state-of-the-art technology.

2016 Excellent quality gold award

This year the work of master bakers was awarded. Twenty Žito products have been awarded the prestigious Excellent Quality Gold Award granted by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. Excellent taste, flavour that cannot go unnoticed, cracked and rustic crust, fresh and elastic core have all impressed the professional jury panel. In the year 2013 thirteen Žito products received the Excellent quality gold award.


The Stars of Excellence – Superior Taste Award

At this year’s international evaluation iTQi Superior Taste Award (a mark of the quality of taste) two Žito breads – Century Bread and Buckwheat Bread with walnuts, received the highest possible number excellence stars (three stars) and one star was awarded to Žitov Special toast, 500 g. The award granted by The International Taste & Quality Institute – iTQi – is the only mark for the quality of taste granted by leading Chefs and Sommeliers which are also holders of Michelin stars.

ITQi, in similar fashion to Michelin gastronomy guide, does not organize competitions but rather grants awards to products according to their qualities. Only products which score 70% and above receive the »Superior Taste Award« with one, two or three golden stars.

  • One golden star: a combined score between 70% and 80%: notable taste
  • Two golden stars: a combined score between 80% and 90%: remarkable taste
  • Three golden stars: a combined score of 90% and above: exceptional taste

Best Buy

best-buy-prepecenec-grisiniŽito received the Best Buy award for the 2015/16 period for all fresh bakery products (bread, bread pastry, doughnuts, burek pies, nut rolls, fresh pastries) and long-lasting bakery products (rusks, grissini).

The Best buy consumer research is conducted by the Swiss organization ICERTIAS (International Certification Association) throughout different countries and evaluates the consumer experiences and satisfaction regarding the price-quality ratio of the marketed goods. The research was conducted on a sample of 1200 citizens for each market.

Under master baker’s watchful eye

The secret of the rich and full flavour of Žito breads lies in the long preparation period of the dough under the master baker’s watchful eye. When mixing the dough we use special mixing machines whose operation mimics the traditional handmade preparation of dough. We bake the products in ovens that are reminiscent of the old baker’s ovens. The result of the longlasting production procedure shows in the prolonged freshness of the products. Best breads by Žito stay fresh for days.

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