Probably we can all agree that bread is best when fresh – that is, still warm just like it was taken from the oven. Because this is not always possible due to the fast rhythm of our lives, we prepared some tips on how to store it correctly. Take them into account to keep the crust crispy and the core soft and tender for longer periods.


  • Always remove bread crumbs from the wooden bread containers because the crumbs are a potential source of infections and moulds.
  • The wood of the wooden bread containers should always be kept dry since otherwise it could encourage mould growth.
  • Never mix old and fresh bread together without cleaning the container first. Even when you are not using the bread, open the container twice per day, thereby reducing the possibility of fustiness.
  • Fabric storage bags maintain the appropriate humidity level for bread. However, the bread goes stale sooner than when it is stored in a plastic bag. Keep the bags clean. They should be washed and ironed weekly.
  • When the bread is stored in the refrigerator, the core goes stale sooner.