• wholegrain wheat flour
  • plum filling
  • margarine
  • yogurt
  • sugar
  • salt
    Can contain traces of eggs and nuts.


  • They are made according to the old and tested recipe of Grandmother Emma.
  • At my birth my grandfather planted a plum by the house, which accompanied me all my life. I had a swing there and with the children we were playing during the hot sunny days in its shadow and sweetening with its fruits. Every summer, when the plums matured, our whole family got together to celebrate. Then me and my grandmother prepared whole grain pocket pies. From the wholegrain flour from the neighbouring mill we kneaded delicious dough, we hand-rolled it and fill it with homemade jam of our plum. During baking, I was always peering into the oven and eagerly waiting to be the first to try the hot pocket pies. Only then I served them to others who could not praise them enough. Both the grandmother and I then with a smile proudly looked at one another and thought of a birthday plum, which sweetened the whole family.
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