• flour
  • sugar
  • butter
  • apricot filling
  • ground walnuts

They may contain traces of eggs and nuts.


  • They are made according to the old and tested recipe of Grandmother Emma.
  • Whenever Grandmother Emma baked the fine Linzer biscuits, a special atmosphere came over her and Grandfater Jacob’s house. Grandmother used to say that “the Linzer biscuits are biscuits fit for kings”. She gently sifted the flour and tenderly mixed in homemade butter and sour cream. Then she rolled out the tender dough and carefully formed the dainty daisies leaving a hole in the middle. When a scent wafted from the oven, she went to the pantry to take the homemade apricot marmalade that was made from the sweet fruits of the apricot tree that grew on the sunny side of the house. In the end she sprinkled them with icing sugar making a special pious-like gesture. Mmmmm….
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