What to do with stale bread?

Regardless of the fact that we store it correctly, sometimes bread at home will go stale. No problem. Using stale bread, one can prepare various delicious dishes – fried bread slices for breakfast, bread loaf with herbal side dish, trifles for dessert, etc. Our favourite dish is bread dumplings – an excellent side dish complementing meat and vegetable sauces.


Baker to baker

Are you one of those that every day or only on special occasions decide to bake bread by yourself? Or perhaps you tried it and did not get the best possible result? We have prepared some tips by our master bakers to make your loaves even tastier and crispier.


How to correctly store bread

Probably we can all agree that bread is best when fresh – that is, still warm just like it was taken from the oven. Because this is not always possible due to the fast rhythm of our lives, we prepared some tips on how to store it correctly.